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• she/her
• oregon, USA
• bad brain & chronic pain
• professional hobbyist artist
• once-in-a-blue-moon streamer
• allegedly working on a visual novel project
• i love my cat, her name is Tia
• i love anime & manga
• also... videygames...........
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    ...until my shop closes for the year! i won't reopen until 2023, so get your gifts now!


    November 1st, 2022
    HEY! you should buy things from my shop if you want them for the holidays, because i'm closing it at the end of the month! (just until 2023!) also i made some updates/corrections to links and stuff haha.
    October 28th, 2022
    i have a mailing list now! scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up!! also made some pretty big updates to the gallery.
    July 22nd, 2022
    welcome to the new doodlemancy INTERNET WEBSITE ONLINE! i switched from weebly to carrd because it was way less expensive, and carrd's web builder is less glitchy and annoying. i haven't quite finished moving everything over yet.

    As a toddler, I once ate half a jumbo orange crayon. As a child I never believed in Santa but was fairly convinced I might be able figure out how to either float with umbrellas or slow my descent from jumps by kicking my legs like Luigi, who I had a crush on at the age of 7. If you combine my western zodiac sign with my eastern zodiac sign, I'm two sheep. My body collects chronic ailments and pains with the same enthusiasm a child in a park might collect fallen pine cones. I am disabled, but not in a way the US government cares about.I've always drawn and written stories and stuff, but I didn't get serious until I was 12 and just discovering that fan art was a thing people did and that there was a word (anime) for the specific kind of animation I was becoming very interested in. I took some figure drawing classes in community college; that's the greatest extent of my formal training. I am decidedly Not A Professional and have no intention of becoming one.I am currently living in Oregon with a chaotic neutral entity that demands to watch me shower so she can lick the water off my feet when I get out.

    It’s doodle + mancy as in the suffix used to denote specialized magic (ex. pyromancy, necromancy).
    I am too dang busy/exhausted for requests or commissions most of the time. Sorry! Sometimes I open them on Ko-Fi, but it's like... real random.
    2012: Pencil, colored in Paint Too tool SAI with a Wacom Bamboo.
    2013: Figured out how to draw with the Bamboo.
    2014-19: SAI + an Intuos 4 that a friend generously passed to me.
    2020-present: XP-PEN artist 15.6 and Clip Studio Paint.
    I make heavy use of poseable 3D models, which I find helps my ADHD-Dyscalculia lil brain with stuff it can't otherwise process very well.

    NFTs, Crypto, & Other Web3/Blockchain/Metaverse Garbage
    Nope! Go away.
    Can I Use Your Art To Train An AI?
    Nope! Go away.
    Copying, Tracing, and Edits
    Please don't create copies, traces or edits of my artwork and try to pass them off as your own artwork. That's super rude.
    Personal Use
    You can use my artwork* as your icons etc. on social media sites as long as you link back to me somewhere visible on your profile. I don't mind if you use my artwork as a wallpaper or even print it out yourself, but do consider buying prints from my shop or supporting me in other ways if you can afford it. !
    (*Please not drawings I did of myself though, like my comics. That's weird. That's me. You aren't me.)Please also note that using my artwork as, say, your branding for a youtube channel or a shop or something else that makes you money is not "personal use."Sharing on Social Media
    ✦ Pretty please try not to re-post my artwork on platforms I already exist on. Share the posts I've already made! I've tried to make things easy via my tumblr archive/tags and my twitter moments (linked under my pinned tweet). If you can't find the thing you want, please contact me, I can find it or repost it for you.
    ✦ Don't repost my artwork on Instagram please and thank you.✦ If you're gonna repost: post the artwork unaltered, and link back directly to my website. DO NOT crop out my signature or put your own logo on it.✦ If you use Pinterest or a similar site, make sure you are DIRECTLY linking to the source of the artwork-- a post rather than a page of a blog or something.✦ If you are a news/entertainment site and you want to use my art, contact me with your EXTREMELY GENEROUS offer of legal United States currency! :)✦ Do not feed my art to content aggregators, ex 9GAG, Cheezburger, FunnyJunk, and so on. If I see my artwork all crunched up with someone else's ugly logo slapped across the bottom I will flip shit I swear to fucking god.✦ Purchasing physical copies of my artwork or obtaining a hi-res copy through my patreon or ko-fi does NOT grant you a commercial license.✦ If you slice up my art and distribute it as "free transparent pngs" or "clipart" or "renders" on your low-rent PNG website I will not stop at DMCAing you. I will track down other artists you're stealing from and inform them.✦ Contrary to popular belief, the phrases "fair use" and "no copyright intended", and "I found it on Google" are not viable excuses for theft, nor is "I didn't know it was yours."Why so picky? Don't you want exposure?
    I love exposure! Unfortunately, reposts aren't always good for artists, even properly credited-- usually they benefit the account that does the reposting more than they help us. It's also a way that art gets further divorced from its original source. If you love an artist's work, you should show it by spreading it in the way that's most likely to get them new follows. New follows lead to more reach and more sales, which leads to more art from the artist you like! If you like pretty pictures, you should be NICE to the people that make the pretty pictures.

    contact email: doodlemancy@gmail.com✦ commissions are closed, sorry!
    ✦ i can't take on long-term work right now, sorry!
    ✦ i AM interested in zines. tell me more babey
    ✦ i AM NOT interested in your NFT project. or search optimization. don't. shsshsshhh. i don't wanna hear it.

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      ...until my etsy shop closes for the year! i won't reopen until 2023, so get your gifts now!

      IRON COMPANY is my visual novel project in progress!

      i wrote her a real sad backstory

      release date: MAN I HAVE ADHD IDK
      platform: PC
      engine: visual novel maker
      genre(s): post-apocalyptic / horror / comedy / fantasy / enemies-to-friends
      is there gay stuff?: you bet your sweet ass there's gay stuff.
      features: text, and images that go with the text! chapters from multiple character POVs, choices that affect the story, and multiple endings. there might even be a key item.
      content warnings: violence, blood, many inappropriate words, use of alcohol, mentions of suicide, and some (hopefully) frightening imagery. this story is intended for readers at least 17+. if i were the ESRB i'd rate it M, but i'm not the ESRB.

      i wrote her a real sad backstory

      It’s been just over a century since the Rift– a cataclysmic event during which a barrier between dimensions tore open, spilling demons into the world and turning much of the planet into barren wasteland.
      At the climax of a desperate war for arable land, John Sykes and Petra Raskoph fought a duel to the death. Sykes stabbed Raskoph in the eye. Raskoph burned Sykes.

      Dragged away to safety by their comrades, both of them survived. A year after the end of the war, they meet again by chance; Sykes, directionless and running low on cash, and Raskoph with a dangerous but lucrative job offer that neither of them can afford to turn down.


      John Sykes
      Age: 29
      Gender: Male
      Pronouns: He / Him
      Height: 5 foot 6 inches (167cm)
      Sexuality: Grey-Ace
      A farmer's son, ex-soldier and all-around Practical Guy, Sykes is good with his hands and bad with people. He prefers to express himself through actions rather than too many words, and his stone-faced demeanor can be intimidating to others. Cool headed, but not entirely fearless, he likes to plan ahead rather than improvise.Something is following him.

      Petra Raskoph
      Age: 30
      Gender: Still figuring it out
      Pronouns: She/Her
      Height: 6 feet 1 inch (185cm)
      Sexuality: Diaster Pan
      An ex-Inquisitor from snowy Eisenarm, Raskoph is clumsily navigating her new life as a fugitive in the Southern Territories. Anxious, excitable, and always a bit distracted, she runs on intuition and often acts brashly. She is quick both to trust and to anger. Despite her erratic nature, she seems to have a masterful command of magic, and a lot of secrets she's keeping a lid on.She has forgotten something.NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS

      A big hug that became a person.

      A human trashfire.

      A magictech nerd and chronic apologizer.

      Friend to all birds.

      A mysterious psychic.

      Talkative, for someone who's dead.

      They've seen some things.

      more character profiles & art on toyhousetwitter moment w/ more artsporadically updated twitter dev thread

      doodlemancy's mailing list

      • email is a way for me to keep in contact with my audience without garbo social media algorithms interfering, and to stay connected even if we scatter to different social media platforms due to... you know. events.
      • it is also good backup in case i lose access to social media accounts for whatever reason. (like, say, a poorly-calibrated AI moderation system randomly deciding a video of my cat is actually porn.)• i'm gonna send you cute pictures of my cat. she's so cute.WHAT I SEND YOU!
      • news about me As An Artist
      • shop / ko-fi related news and ads
      • basically, just stuff you might care about if you like things i make.
      • cannot stress this enough, there's gonna be cat pictures in the emails.
      it is not in my best interests to annoy my audience. i promise i will not email you every day like fucking Best Buy; i'm currently using Mailchimp's free plan anyway so i literally cannot spam you.

      seriously though check your spam folder. set a calendar reminder to do it every week or something. not just for me. i almost missed a very important hot topic sale once,

      In May 2019, a licensed medical professional wrote me a letter to give to my landlord that says I need a cat for the sake of my mental health. Two days later I adopted Tia, a rescued stray who my boyfriend had bonded with through the pet store he worked at. This page is a shrine to the only antidepressant I've ever tried that didn't make me barf (although she herself is an adept barfer). I also post a lot about her on my personal twitter (if you can tolerate all the kvetching and rambling).

      ★ plays fetch
      ★ yawns with her eyes open
      ★ love biter
      ★ loves to stalk and hunt
      ★ criminal. disrespecter of law. based.
      ★ will steal your straw out of your drink.
      ★ gets her paws wet and puts them on you.
      ★ very soft
      ★ goes in her carrier on command (for treats)
      ★ fucking superb you funky little carnivore